Allows you to take back your power that you have given to those who tried to break you

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Gives the next woman guidance, hope, & faith that "This too shall pass"

the power of sharing your story

My story is.. well that I don’t have a story. I feel empty, like being in a deep hole with no latter.. no rope, no way to escape myself. I am my own enemy. I am a Hypocrite. I am my hardest critic. What I mean by being my own enemy is that, Im setting myself up for failure. 


Starting on Halloween of 2016, I was reconnected to a guy that I've known since 2009. I always thought he was like the finest thing I've ever seen, and seeing him now was no different.We began dating, and when we were together for about 3 months is when he started hitting on me, and choking me half to death everyday.


Age 5, I met the man who destroyed my life. Age 5, mom brought him home. He was my teacher from school. I honestly thought he was a good person someone who will never do this to me. Couple of months down the road, mom allowed him to move in. This is when everything started.




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