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Being hard headed doing those things you know damn well you shouldn’t , or playing yourself in certain situations you know you don’t deserve to be in, if that makes sense. I am a hypocrite because I feel like I give AMAZING and honest advice to my friends, coworkers etc and if I ever was in their shoes in any situation that we had in common... I’d take a different route than the advice I had given. I am my hardest critic because people could compliment me and I’ll turn it negative about myself.. idk how to just say thank you confidently and keep it moving instead of whining about how I thought otherwise.. This empty feeling is deeper than I even know. It’s exhausting trying to find the root to this all. My emotions are all over the place, my mind and heart is battling eachother... this story is so incomplete but I truly feel like this, I’m just as confused as you are, possibly.im sorry If I didn’t have a “deep” story to share .. but it’s how I feel right now.

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