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 I also by this time was pregnant by him already. I'm not sure if that news is what began the violent outbursts, but it was very alarming to me. I told him multiple times how unacceptable what he was doing to me was, and even fought back to protect me and my baby... from the man that I loved. I had never been in that kind of situation before, but I was very shook that he would try to harm me and his own child at that point. Things would get better for a little while, but he would steadily slip back into this violent pattern to the point it started getting so bad that I could no longer take it at all.. not even with or from him, the fact that he was the father of my child scared me so deeply at this point but I was already too far along to even get an abortion. When I was 6 and a half months pregnant, he began hitting me in my stomach trying to kill our baby who at this point we just found out was a boy. He was trying to kill our son, and at this point.. I started planning on how to leave him, seeing as how he would abuse and pull guns on me I knew I had to be smart about how I would try to leave him. My mom told me that she was going out of the country to Aruba, and I knew that was my day to breakup with the father of my child finally. I knew that if my mom and family members would have been there he would've tried to hurt them too I couldn't take that chance. When my mother text me that she was on the plane to leave to go out of the country around 8am, and I knew that he couldn't hurt her either I immediately broke up with him. I didn't get any sign or feeling that he would try to do something stupid... but he did. Around 10:15am when I was on my backporch with my male bestfriend just chilling because my family was now out of town, we started cleaning up the backporch because my bestfriend was about to leave. When my bestfriend walked to the backside of my house to throw some stuff away in the garbage can, my ex-boyfriend walked out of my back door with a 9mm pointed at me, hoodie pulled down, and a mask tied around the bottom half of his face thinking I wouldn't know who he was even though he still had on the same clothes that I broke up with him on so I immediately knew who it was regardless. I almost kind of panicked, but instead I called out to my bestfriend to let him know who it was. Not even 10 seconds from him stepping out of my back door he began shooting at me, his pregnant ex trying to kill both me and the baby. I was shot twice in the head with the 1st and 3rd bullet that was fired at me, he shot at me a total of 4 times, but he missed twice. Thank god for that. After I was shot, I still managed to stumble back into my house where he followed me, and began to immediately pistol whip me. He pistol whipped me so bad that I could not open my left eye for two months. The crazy thing was that I was still awake, and alert through everything. My ex stole my mothers car, and left when he thought I was dead, but I still got back up and was cleaning up the blood where I got shot at on my backporch by time the cops had even arrived. My last words before I went unconscious in the ambulance were "this is some bullshit". I was shot twice in the head on May 22, 2017, placed in a medically induced coma for the month of June, and didn't wake up until July. When I woke in the hospital, I had staples, stitches, and no forehead bone because the doctors had to remove it or my swelling brain would have hit it and begin to fail on me. I did not remember who I was, what had happened to me, or how I even got injured. It took almost a month before I was able to get a clue on what happened to me when my memory finally started to come back to me. I started asking my mom and sister how had been there with me everyday in the hospital questions about what happened to me, and the things I could remember. That's when they informed me that I was indeed shot twice in the head, and pistol whipped so bad that my left eye was completely swollen shut for months. I completely broke down, it was like my worst nightmare ever for them to confirm everything that I had been through and how I was already in the hospital for two to three months already. I couldn't believe it. Only a hand-full of people knew what I was going through until that day, my sister created me a go fund me to update everybody on my status and what exactly happened to me it was devastating to not only me, but my entire family. My middle sister was the one that cleaned the whole house from where I got shot at to where I was pistol whipped at around the whole house, she cleaned all the blood and pieces of my brain up. My oldest sister was the one that came to the house after I was shot, to being there when I was transported to the hospital, to staying with me through all my surgeries and recovery. My mother was just so effected because she felt that I was shot while I was alone, and the fact that I was shot and going through all of this on my own as well. It's been a long journey, and almost a whole year from when I was actually shot now, but the brain trauma and recovery will still take about maybe another 1 or 2 years until I'm all better. Domestic Violence Is NO joke, and everybody loves to say "well just leave him", but nothing is ever as simple as people who are not going through it try to make it. I tried to leave my abusive boyfriend, and he broke into my house to try to kill me, you have to be smart with even your escape to get away. Things are never truly how they seem. Be blessed and safe, it's a cold world out here sometimes.

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