Brown Girls Heal Healing Guide is more than just a journal. It's a guide that challenges you with different exercises to push you outside of your comfort zone. Sections in the book like chapter 1 will give you permission to be everything you needed for yourself when growing up. 

Each chapter was designed to break your barriers ones created by others and the ones created by yourself. This guide will  break you and put you back together peace by piece.

Growing up I could NEVER find my name on a keychain, & I hated it. Well now we have something with OUR name on it.

Over 50 women’s name is on the cover of the Brown Girls Heal Healing Guide! 

Hey, if you're looking for a sign, this is it!

You want to break generational curses & provide friends and family with the tools too.

You are often on the move and want to best utilize you're in between times as opposed to scrolling on social media.

You're ready to prioritize your healing, however not ready for the commitment of therapy.

If you are a woman who has or is currently experiencing trauma.

This guide is for you if...

how to get there too.

We've been PEFECTING THIS for 8 years. Now we can teach you

Ask the experts...

What if I told you that who you are is a reflection of who you needed as a younger version of yourself. What if I told you that once you heal you're broken little girl, you can become the woman you deserve. What if I told you that bridging the gap of who you are & who you want to become can be done with our Brown Girls Heal Healing Guide

Releasing the physical, emotional, & mental trauma caused by others... and yourself

Putting the "YOU" in VALUE and learn how to be & remain "THAT GIRL"

Creating & maintaining, healthy boundaries with yourself & with others

Letting go of who you were, to accept who you are, giving permission to step into who you will become

Say yes to the following...


All i do is

I mean actually you can.. you've been living without the BGH Healing Guide. So I will be honest whether you grab the  BGH Healing Guide or not you will be fine! But how long are you willing to be okay with being JUST FINE ?
Fine stands for (F)orever I()n (N)eed of (E)xistence.
Existence is a way of surviving. Can I tell you a secret?
 All of the things that you want,  all the things that you deserve are on the other side of healing.

Take it from me, you can't live without this offer.

Honestly MTV should be paying me! I was CAT FISHING during myspace days, I was creating alter egos, I was doing everything that allowed me to avoid the woman in the mirror. Going down a dark lonely road of trying to find my identity led me to abusive relationships, settling for less than I deserve, & placing my self worth in the hands of others. 

 I promised that if I ever made it through the darkness I would help other women see the VALUE within themselves. If you're reading this that means "I MADE IT"! Damn that felt great to say, are you ready to say you made it?

Here's why I'm your favorite life coach and why you should grab the Brown Girls Heal Healing Guide!

Hey, I'm Being Indira!

We are currently accepting pre-orders. The Brown Girls Heal Healing Guide will be available on August 29, 2022. Those who purchase during the pre-sale will receive their guide on August 29,2022. All those who order after please expect 12-14 business days for shipping.

Of course, we will be honored to help. Again send us a message so we can get back with you in 24-48 hrs to schedule a 30 min call.

Yes, as Oprah says "You get a guide", "You get a guide". You are able to purchase a multitude of guides, however they will only be shipped to one address

Absolutely not, this guide is for your growth and healing. If you feel that sharing with your supportive loved ones will aid in your growth, go for it! If you would like to share with me please send us a message so we can schedule time during  Sunday Wine Down. We honor 100% client confidentiality. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Honestly that (the guide) just made me cry. This is so heart warming. And it shows me the more you go for it your name can be way bigger than just a word on a document. Thank you for that. I need it way more than you know

what clients are saying

Dazhane silva

what clients are saying

"It felt so amazing to not hide behind a veil and be comfortable enough to express ourselves. Good food, great laughs, inspiring stories, and some tears. We will definitely always support and attend future events."

what clients are saying

To be around other enlightened individuals as we shared our stories from all walks of life was absolutely magical. Each individual has overcome many trials throughout life but 1 thing that we all had in common was that we are all healing together.

Are you ready to actually make this your year & stop saying it every New year resolution...