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"Still don't know what you was missin'
What you asked I would've given"

All it takes is one person to not chose us, & we instantly blame  ourselves. We spend overtime trying to change who we are in hopes that people will see  us. Yet we love to claim "we don't care" In all actuality we do care. We care so much that we allow others to determine our value.

Let me tell you what's missing... YOUR SELF WORTH. You've given everyone else the power to define you. Now I'm asking you to put the "YOU" in VALUE.
Are you willing to give it to yourself?

Girl Like Me by: Jazmine Sullivan (feat H.E.R) deff represents you.

Hey, we've been waiting on you. if you're reading this congratulations!

One of you're biggest challenge is understanding why you are valuable.

You are a self proclaimed superwoman trying to have it all together, but yet still falling apart.

You spend more time trying to be like the "goals" I mean women on social media than you do being your own goal

You don't know how to bridge the gap between the woman you are and the woman you want to become.

This plan is for you if...

how to get there too.

We've been PEFECTING THIS for 8 years. Now we can teach you

Ask the experts...

What if I told you that who you are is a reflection of who you needed as a younger version of yourself. What if I told you that once you heal you're broken little girl, you can become the woman you deserve. What if I told you that bridging the gap of who you are & who you want to become can be done with our 3 step process, The Triple "R" Techniques.

Giving yourself permission to unapologetically be yourself

Removing the word, mindset, & habit of settling. No longer accept the bare minimum

Creating & maintaining, healthy boundaries with yourself & with others

Letting go of who you were, to accept who you are, giving permission to step into who you will become

Say yes to the following...


All i do is

Once approved a membership fee is required to officially become apart of the best hood, SISTERHOOD!

step three

Allow 48 hours for me to read through application & send approval or denial email with next steps !

step 2

Fill out the Brown Girls Heal Gang application form below so I can get to know you better.


We personally read each applicant & hand pick every member of Brown Girls Heal Gang. Our goal is to make sure that each member is a good fit for us & that we are a good fit for you! Please allow 48 hours for a response.

Here's What You'll Get

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One Day 
Day One

I mean actually you can.. you've been living without BGH GANG. So i will be honest whether you join BGH GANG or not you will be fine! But how long are you willing to be okay with being JUST FINE ?
Fine stands for (F)orever I()n (N)eed of (E)xistence.
Existence is a way of surviving. Can I tell you a secret?
 All of the things that you want,  all the things that you deserve are on the other side of surviving.. It's on the side of living.
Do you you want to survive or live?

Take it from me, you can't live without this offer.

Honestly MTV should be paying me! I was CAT FISHING during myspace days, I was creating alter egos, I was doing everything that allowed me to avoid the woman in the mirror. Going down a dark lonely road of trying to find my identity led me to abusive relationships, settling for less than I deserve, & placing my self worth in the hands of others. 

 I promised that if I ever made it through the darkness I would help other women see the VALUE within themselves. If you're reading this that means "I MADE IT"! Damn that felt great to say, are you ready to say you made it?

Here's why I'm your favorite life coach and why you should join the gang!

Hey, I'm Being Indira!

Bonnet or no bonnet it doesn't matter, come as you are! Be ready to be vulnerable, transparent, & open to growth. Grab your notebook & wine and get ready for a good time.

The Investment

Are you ready?




1 hr 1:1 coaching 2x a month

15% OFF Bad B*TCH University

Access granted to BGH brunch in your city

Access granted to summer OR winter BGH Retreat
(hotel, food, outlined activities included)

BGH Gang Welcome Box

Sisterhood Community

You are able to cancel your membership at any time. Upon cancelation you will no longer have access to the BGH VIP Exclusives. BGH Retreat is only granted to those who are actively in the gang. There will be no refunds issued.

This package gives you access to the BGH Gang  for 6 months. Your access to the BGH brunches & retreats are valid for the remaining year of your purchase. If you chose to extend your membership please do so before your membership expires to access the discount code for continuation.

Yes a non-refundable 50% deposit is required to confirm your spot in the gang. Final payment is due 3 days prior to gaining access the BGH Gang.  For further questions please email us.

At BGH our top priority is confidentiality. Anything that is shared within our community stays within the community ONLY. We do our best to ensure that every applicant is a good fit for the gang and can uphold our policies not limited to but including confidentiality. 

Frequently Asked Questions

"Brown.Girls.Heal.Movement is exactly what it reads, a movement. I had mix emotions as the tour started to approach, because I wasn’t sure what to expect. If I can, I must say Indira and both lovely coaches (Makeda & Andrea) out did themselves down to the location, their speeches and their leadership. The energy and genuineness from every single female present was beyond my expectation. My goal is to attend all, if not most of the upcoming

what clients are saying

what clients are saying

"It felt so amazing to not hide behind a veil and be comfortable enough to express ourselves. Good food, great laughs, inspiring stories, and some tears. We will definitely always support and attend future events."

Triple "r' Techniques

what clients are saying

To be around other enlightened individuals as we shared our stories from all walks of life was absolutely magical. Each individual has overcome many trials throughout life but 1 thing that we all had in common was that we are all healing together.

Now, are you ready to dive in?

What does it cost you to stay the same...


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Drago Package

I was a broken little girl who mastered the art of numbing pain. You know how we greet people & say "Hey, How are you doing today" & we all respond back & say "I'm Fine". I wish someone would have said "I SEE YOU" you aren't fine......People often misunderstood my smile, not realizing it was my biggest cry for help.. for saving... 
So how are you really doing? 

You've Heard It All

At long last,

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U Value Academy
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